Why Custom Cardboard Boxes Are Best Packaging

In order to make your products stand out in the markets today, you have to make them really appealing and captivating for the customers. There are a number of things that they would need in order to do that. You need to give them a unique texture, a unique colour, a unique design as well as unique printing for the boxes.

That is why the choice of materials that you have is quite limited because not every material offers so much versatility as well as customization. That is why manufacturers prefer using custom Cardboard Boxes for packaging different types of products.

Benefits of Using Custom Cardboard Boxes

Here are some of the benefits of why manufacturers prefer using cardboard boxes. With the help of unique printing techniques like laser printing and offset printing, you can display different types of information on a cardboard box. Apart from that, you can also print your brand logo on these custom cardboard boxes. Not only is the printing very easy, but the result is quite good as well.

The material is quite flexible. Therefore, you can give it a number of different shapes. Not only that but the cutting and creasing also seem flawless on cardboard material.

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It can be coated with a number of different materials very easily. Therefore, you can give a simple cardboard a number of different textures and finishes. Cardboard material can be easily coloured as well. This material is eco-friendly. There is not a lot of investment that you need in recycling custom cardboard boxes.

Individuals and manufacturers are always looking for cheap but effective and eco-friendly alternatives. Cardboard boxes are an amazing option.

Different Types of Custom Cardboard Boxes

Due to such a large number of customization options for custom cardboard boxes, there are a number of different designs that are being used by different manufacturers. Here are some of the most popular designs, their distinct features, and the industries that use them.

Burger Boxes

As the name suggests, this type of cardboard box is mainly used by a number of different fast food joints. Burger Boxes were especially very suitable if you are not dining in and are taking your order away. The reason is that it preserves the shape of the burger and keeps it fresh for a long time. The reason it is so much popular is that it is easily recyclable and very lightweight.

Not only that but it can also be easily assembled when the order is placed. That is why it does not require large spaces for storing as well.

It is highly suitable if you are a new business owner or own a startup and do not have large warehouses or storage areas to keep pre-assembled boxes. The best thing is that it saves up a lot on the delivery charges because it does not occupy large amounts of space and you can also save up on the labor cost for assembling these boxes.

Candle Boxes

Although candles used to be a crucial part of our life as the source of light. But with the advent of electricity, we do not need them anymore. But that doesn’t mean that candles are out of business. Rather they have come back with a number of different uses. They have rather become more luxurious items.

No event, whether it is a birthday or an anniversary seems complete without candles. Apart from that, they are also being used by a number of different restaurants to give an amazing ambience.

Candles are also one of the most important elements of a number of romantic gestures like proposing, getting married. Scented candles have a number of uses as well. So when the candles have changed from simply being a necessity to a more luxurious item, their packaging needed to be reinvented as well. And that need has been fulfilled with the use of cardboard boxes.

There are a number of customization options that are available for making the most captivating and alluring Candle Boxes that are able to get the attention of the customers.  So if you are a candle producer, you can take advantage of these options. Apart from that, candles have also become a very unique and amazing gift item as well. So you can incorporate that in your design as well.

Display Boxes

The customers are more interested in buying the items that they can physically hold or see. That is why a number of manufacturers are using different types of Display Boxes. Some of the boxes are where you can touch and hold the products in hand while a different type is where you can see the product through a window in the display box.

Both of these boxes are used by retailers on checkout counters or a number of strategic places in their shops in order to urge the customer to make a purchase even when they don’t need to. This is just a sales tactic. So if you want to increase your sales and make your products more appealing to the customers, you can also use the various options available with display boxes to increase your sales.

Not only that, but it also helps you in making your brand more visible to the customers when they look at an amazingly designed display box.

E-Cigarette Boxes

Cigarettes and cigars have been in fashion for a number of centuries now. The most traditional form was rolling tobacco yourself in different types of paper for smoking. Then there were smoking pipes and that kept on evolving. The final shape that was used for smoking was cigarettes. But smoking does have a number of health hazards.

It could cause lung cancer, throat cancer, and a number of other respiratory illnesses as well. That is why doctors strictly advised against it.

That is why cigarettes have also evolved into a certain product which is known as E-cigarettes.  These cigarettes are not as hazardous as the cigarettes neither do they give out hazardous smoke as cigarettes do. But the people who are addicted to smoking have a difficult time giving it up.

That is why, in order to attract people towards your e-cigarettes, you need to make the packaging in such a way that it captures their attention and forces them to give up the habit.

With the help of cardboard, all that is possible now. You can give it a number of different textures to give an amazing feeling when they hold your E-cigarette Boxes in hand. You can print different types of information on why should they give up smoking cigarettes and use e-cigarettes instead.

Gable Boxes

One of the most interesting design options for custom Cardboard Boxes is Gable Boxes. This type of packaging has an amazing shape and comes in a number of different sizes as well. There are a number of industries that are using it because it has a number of customization options available. Due to the amazing shape, it is majorly used for giving gifts.

You can place a ribbon on top to give it a more unique look like a gift item.

One of the customization options that a gable box offers is to fix handles on top. With the handle on top and easy closing option, this type of box is largely used in the food industry. No matter what type of food item you are selling, with the help of handles and lock features, you can use a gable box.

The handles also make it very easy to carry very hot items because you don’t have to come in contact with the hot food. Apart from that, it also saves your products or food items from spilling as well.

Pillow Boxes

Cosmetics is one of the industries that has experienced a huge boom in the 20th century. The reason is the invention of television as well as the internet. They have brought fashion and glamour into every household. Even before that, women used to use different cosmetic products that helped them look better.

But with the advent of social media, electronic and print media, even men are using a number of different cosmetic items as well.

Therefore, the manufacturers needed to come with a design of packaging that not only is very good-looking but also can be customized into a number of different styles as well. That is why the Pillow Box was introduced. This type of box comes in a variety of different sizes for different cosmetic products. Not only that, but it also one of the most interesting designs for Soap Boxes as well.

Due to the amazing design, it also highly in demand in the gift industry because it makes for an amazing box in which you can give gifts. The reason is the unboxing experience that comes with this type of box.  Apart from these, there are a number of other industries that are using custom Cardboard Boxes for packaging, like cereal boxes, Medicine Boxes, shippers, and a number of different styles as well.

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