If the customer is using the website, the below-mentioned terms and conditions are approved. The Customized Boxes retains the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any point in time without prior acknowledgment or warning. Every now and then, it is recommended that consumers visit this article. The Customized Boxes are the owners of the material that is used to combine our goods. They don’t market the materials to other groups. If they distribute free samples or illustrate the quality of their commodity in some other manner is beyond the jurisdiction of the Customized Boxes.

It is acknowledged that the user is aware that all content/information on the website, including, writing, applications, records, media, images, graphics, diagrams, designs, and maps or any other/additional content or material collectively referred to as ‘Our Website Content’ is controlled by The Customized Boxes by the use of this website. Until the written and lawful consent of the owners of this website, any alteration, upgrading, printing, saving, republishing, dissemination or sharing of this material is strictly forbidden.


The user is responsible for any content that they upload, promote, post, distribute, or disperse through our website, either photographs, songs, or any sort of media. The consumer acknowledges that any material, including photos or text that they post, post, promote or transmit on our website or that is used in accordance with the material/content of our website, shall not contain any document, picture, logos, trademark, logo or proprietary work belonging to any third party unless the respective owners have obtained sufficient permission for that purpose/usage.
Users accept that any online material that is unpleasant, pornographic, and prevents our separate users from accessing the resources of our website or violates the learned property rights of The Customized Boxes or any of its members shall not be posted, shared, advertised, or distributed by our website in any manner.

The Customized Boxes retains the freedom to delete any material that is pornographic, insulting, lewd, obscene, or otherwise illegal, however, it is not their responsibility to withdraw any material that contradicts or is considered inappropriate terms and conditions.

The Customized Boxes shall have the right to keep any content shared on their website or may, if necessary, disclose it (a) adhere to judicial proceedings; (b) apply the terms of service; (c) reply to the assertion that the content of the website disobeys the rights of third parties; or (d) retain the rights, assets or security of our website and its users. Users are obliged to supply the website with the right details to collect their ordered items. Our website is designed exclusively for human use and not for computer use. Any abuse of the website that violates the terms and conditions of The Customized Boxes would be deemed unlawful and the right to take legal action is reserved by thecustomizedboxes.com

If you are a client and you have made an order on our website, you can ensure that you have the approval and authorization to put an order and that the company will produce exclusive items on your behalf. You promise that if you witness something using the service as a customer, you are of appropriate age to stay in the legal proceedings. When you use the website, it represents your acceptance that The Customized Boxes’ privacy policy is approved and supported by you. You agree that the privacy policies of the organization and the use of personal and business information as outlined in our privacy policy have been read and understood by you.

Returns & Refunds

As all orders are special, all purchases are eventually non-refundable. We’ll reprint/reproduce the order if we agree that we made an error. In any conditions, no refunds or store points can be issued. If you notice a problem/irregularity or error with your order, then within 3 working days of receiving your order, you are responsible for contacting the organization. The Customized Boxes will reprint the initial order in case of a mistake in printing, but will not refund the charge.

Defects or defects of some type that the appropriate authority/department delegated by The Customized Boxes has examined/recognized. The consumer/customer must, at their own cost, give the damaged product to the supplier within 7 business days to demand the replication of their goods. Charges for rush orders are nonrefundable.


Sale prices are reported on our website in USD (U.S. Dollars). The payment may, however, be approved in the same currency. When they have collected the estimated amount owed for the product, which includes taxes, delivery fees, etc. from one of the authenticated payment sources/platforms, the company continues working on the approved order.

The order location often entails submitting the final version of the goods or services to the customer in an electronic file or a hard copy of the product or services requested that the company wants to do with them. When you are positive about what you want from us, the printing activities are submitted to the press service.No changes are made to something about scheduling and arrangement after the assignment is submitted to the department. However, within a fixed span of 4 hours after evidence of acceptance, you may cancel the order. This termination would cost you $30 and 10 percent of the final payment of your order.

After a 24-hour limit, consumers still have the option to cancel their order, but this would cost them 50 percent of their overall order price to make up the time and money expended by the business in producing your goods. And if the company does not promise that after the 24-hour time limit, one will cancel their order.


The processing speed and printing processing period begins after you have paid or submitted the entire amount of your order to the organization and shared your order with artwork/file either in hard form or electronic form and settled on the shared material, which is checked by the press department. You can pick the output level, which indicates the number of working days from printing to shipping while making an order on our website. Until 10 am Central Standard Time (CT), you can give your proposal clearance. The company and its workers do their hardest to deliver their goods to customers on time.

In the event of any issue, the company is not responsible for any loss/damage incurred by the delivery delay. Customers agree that, due to the conditions or customs difficulties that can not be fully regulated by us, the company is not liable for any interruption. The payments will be refunded if there is an issue with the printing process, but orders are not canceled due to difficulties in printing.

The organization has 10 to 12 days for the commodity to be delivered, while 6-8 days for fast delivery (with 2-3 days for land shipment) to any place in the USA that has no restrictions in weight and size. Shipping to the additional destinations will pay you additional fees. The organization is not liable for the timings of supply distribution, and the failure or harm suffered during the shipment. Legally, the corporation could not be liable for any shipping accidents. If you give us an erroneous package delivery address or otherwise find a mistake in the application of the full delivery address, we can incur extra shipping and storage costs for re-shipment, but this sort of occurrence can be bought into consideration after 6 working days after the package.

No Liabilities for errors
The Customized boxes shall not be found accountable in the case of defects in the final printed document in relation to:

  • Spelling, typeface.
  • Graphics, punctuation, and marks that percolate.
  • Erroneous fonts, dial lines, cropping signs, fold cracks.
  • Overprinting Faults.
  • The Final Product Size Gap.

Limitation of Liability

The Customized Boxes or their suppliers, managers, employees, and/or any other company-related person, directly or indirectly, can not be held accountable for any unintentional, indirect, or consequential damage of any kind. The harm of any or all sorts, despite prior intimation to The Customized Boxes, arising from or in connexion with the success of the website or due to failure to deliver the goods or services that you may order/acquire from The Customized Boxes or its affiliates, including without lamination, human error harm, failures, pandemic, de The Customized Boxes can not be held accountable for any harm or situations arising from the inaccurate or illegal use of this website and its contents by the customer in any situation.