How to Choose the Right Packaging Material and Methods for your Products

High Quality Sleeve Packaging

Products make the world go round. The Right Packaging Material and Methods can help produce high-quality products. It can also improve your brand as it deserves. If you’re wrong, the consequences can be catastrophic. After all, first impressions these days are everything. Remember, trendy design and first-class branding are the key elements of any product packaging.

When choosing suitable packaging materials for your products, pay attention to details, you can’t go wrong. After all, packaging can only be one of the main factors that make you successful. The right packaging can not only appeal to consumers but also ensure that your products are transported safely and kept fresh. Let’s see what are the Right Packaging Material and Methods that exactly fit your business.

Materials Suitable for the Design of your Product Packaging Options

You must think of your design for the packaging as if you were an architect. You do not need to make a bad impression. To use the wrong material to package products is inappropriate. The objective is to respect your product as you treat yourself. When choosing the calliper (weight or thickness) of the packaging products, consider the best when designing packing of the product. Please look at the following ways which can help you:

Cardboard: White coated chipboard may be used for cardboard folding trays and sleeves. This lightweight material can produce excellent results. It is best used for food, dairy, Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hardware products, and retail products.

Corrugated Cardboard: it can be Cardboard onto which medium format paper with grooves is laminated. It can be robust and flexible. It is ideal for agricultural products, fragile and/or heavy items, subscription boxes, Shipping Boxes, and e-commerce packages. If you want to send a subscription box, you need to read the complete guide on subscription box packaging design.

Budget is the Key Point

Your budget range must take into account different things. This includes the minimum costs that need to be spent and the elements you want to include for branding purposes. Let’s first consider the main factors affecting your budget. If you have a product that sells for $ 500, expect to spend some money on glitter material.

Glass and natural fibres have a unique appeal, but manufacturing and transportation are complicated and expensive. The possibility of scratches or breaks is also high, which reduces the perceived value of the brand. It is also very flexible, so the design options are endless. Unless it is recyclable, plastic is not environmentally friendly. If you need to do this, you can encourage users to recycle and use it as a point of sale.

Custom Product Packaging Methods

There is no shortage of styles in terms of packaging for products. Choose the method that matches your answer to the desired packaging material. Please take into consideration the method which works well with the size and shape of the product and the overall presentation required. Here are a few packaging methods:

Straight Tuck End: This is versatile and easy to assemble. It is an excellent choice for simplified packaging. Folding seals on both sides make sealing simple and effective. The cover is placed backwards and blends seamlessly along the edges to maintain a clear design throughout the box.

Reverse Tuck End: This box is similar to the above-mentioned box, but instead of both sealed boxes sealed on the back, the top sealed box is on the front.

The alternating closures increase the life of the seals. This makes it an ideal choice for heavier items or items that can be moved during transport.

Sleeve Box: This type of box uses a two-part construction to create a highly durable packaging solution. Moreover, The double pallet insert slides effortlessly into the folding carton, which encloses the insert in all directions.

The trays can be opened at both ends and are securely installed to prevent them from sliding out.
Pillow box: It is easy to see the name of the pillow box. These basic cartons are easy to assemble and have a one-piece design with foldable covers on both ends. Although Pillow Boxes are not easy to stack, they can be used for innovative products and gift wrapping.

Transport of the Packaging

After considering the design elements, you can focus on functionality. A great design can accomplish three things:
· Tell consumers this is for them
· Show the value of proven products
· Also, In the future they can trust you to provide other products they need
How the package travels is a huge consideration. Packages transported by air or freight are usually stable in layers. If your product is perishable or sensitive to high temperatures, the shipping packaging materials must be suitable for the type of trip it may be seeing.

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