6 Ways to Make Customized Jewelry Boxes with Expert Designers

jewelry packaging boxes

Custom jewelry packs are one of the highest-selling boxes due to the increased sale of jewelry items. These boxes are of cardboard which gives them their strength and ability to change upon request. However other materials such as plastic, acrylic, and fabric also make high-quality Jewelry Boxes.

Where there is a high demand for Customized Jewelry Boxes there is also high competition in the market which requires creative tactics to succeed. Here is a list of 6 ways through which brands can achieve creative and unique jewelry packs.

Different Designs

One of the best things about customization is that you can design the entire packaging according to your preference. one way is by customizing the structure of the jewelry pack. There are many structures to store jewelry and some of them are:

The Jewelry Boxes

As the name implies these are regular boxes that are shapes square or triangle and have a hinged top. These packs are ideal to package your jewelry products and can be sue by customers to store jewelry at home. Store your jewelry in Rigid Boxes and customize it according to your needs.

Jewelry Armoires

These are like cabinets with drawers and small hooks, these are ideal to store excess jewelry depending on their size. They have an extension that helps to close the carton and guard the jewelry inside.

Travel Cases

These are ideal to carry your jewelry during traveling as they are smaller in size, have greater strength, and have many compartments in them that can store all your essentials.

Jewelry Rolls

These mostly have a fabric lining on them and are circular when folding whereas they lay flat when being opened. They have various types of pockets in them with hooks and zippers.

Customized Appearance


Here you can customize the pack with a sleek outlook using lamination or matte sheets. The colors can be customized as well to give a sleek minimal look, complementary colors can be used which will help attract the customers. Brands should need to design custom boxes with custom design & color schemes to attract customers very fast like Cosmetic Boxes.


Here the packs can be customized with various items to give them a fancy look such as bright and contrasting colors, pebbles, and stones that can be attached to the carton, along with ribbons and laces to create a theme.


Jewelry packs can be customized using sheets. These include lamination, matte sheets, aqueous coating, foiling, or any colorful sheets attached to the cartons. This will help enhance the look of the packs and make them unique. Attaching sheets is cost-friendly and is liked by the customers. lamination will protect the packs from dust and dirt while other sheets will give the packs a nice colorful look. Sheets with patterns on them are also perfect for this purpose.

Personalized with Writing on Top

Customized Jewelry Boxes can be personalized using some creative tricks. This includes printing your brand name and logo on the top or printing the name of customers upon request. Here any quotes or slogans can also be written and the loss goes on. Due to the cardboard structure, it is easy to print anything on the cartons.

This technique will also help brands follow the trends through their jewelry cartons as they can follow trends using printing techniques. This will help brands connect with their customers and blend in with the market. Follow market trends and get ideas of making new designs like Display Boxes is now possible.

Embossing and Debossing

Another way is the embossing or debossing technique. This is a helpful technique to print writings, logos, or patterns on the packs in a unique way. Embossing and debossing refer to raised or sunken writing or images on the surface of the pack, here the embossed pattern is raised while the debossed one is sunken respective to the background.
This is a great technique as it helps make the pack unique and distinguishes itself from other jewelry packs.

Labels and Tags

Labels and tags are another way of customizing your jewelry packs. Additionally, Labels are sticky materials that are on top of the pack and mostly contain writing with minimal or no designs. However, stickers are sticky materials that mostly contain patterns and designs with minimal or no writing. Both of these can be of any shape desired and are attached either on the pack or are hanged with the box using a strong or a ribbon.

If it is hanged with the pack the Label or Sticker is first attached to another piece of cardboard to increase its strength.

Here labels can be sued to write important information on these cartons. Which can include any information about the brand or the product. However, stickers can have any information which you want customers to see from afar and are written in a larger size such as a sale notice, etc.

The Customized Boxes are a packaging company that provides high-quality Customized Jewelry Boxes at affordable rates. Now you can order and customize your packs without any hassle. Order your favorite boxes and get your products in a stylish look Shipping Boxes.

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