5 Ways to Make your Custom Packaging Unique and Attractive

Custom paper packaging boxes

Creativity and uniqueness are the keys to success in today’s market. the competition of products in the market rose greatly in past few years. This is because so many new businesses are emerging in the market that offers similar products. The advanced technology and vast supply of resources have made entering a market easier than ever. Brands now use various creative approaches and strategies to sell their products across the market worldwide.

Here are 5 ways in which you can Make your Custom Packaging Unique and Attractive.

1- Color Patterns

Colours are a great tool to attract customer’s colours are easier to play with and can produce amazing results. Colours are the best tool to generate creativity and can be used to make numerous unique patterns. Most businesses prefer Cardboard for their packaging as they are convenient to print upon and gives a decent output product. There is a range of colours that can be used to make these patterns. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while playing with colours.

Do remember to follow the colour wheel where complementary and contrasting colours are assigned and use it as a guide for your patterns. These colours can have a great influence on the customers, and you can ensure a positive response by using the right colours. Colours are associated with neuron signals that are unconscious signals from the brain.

Using a combination of complementary and contrasting colours to form creative patterns will help you generate an unconscious response in favour of the product. This will help attract more public towards your brand. There is a theory that anything which looks good is assumed to be of good quality by the people. therefore, if you can gain the public attention and attract a person towards your packaging as it looks bright and colourful or subtle and classy.

There Is a 99% chance that the person will be your customer as he/she is automatically convinced that the product and brand are of high quality. This shows that packaging is as important as product manufacturing.

2- Unique Styles

Packaging serves as the ambassador of your brand in the market. it represents your brand and constructs your brand identity in the market. Therefore, Make your Custom Packaging Unique and Attractive will go a long way and will benefit you in extraordinary ways. Cardboard is the most convenient material to customize hence most brands consider it to be the ideal material. Some common shapes move around the market such as circular, rectangular, oval, and square.

However, many other shapes can be customized to Make your Custom Packaging Unique and Attractive such as hexagonal box, pentagonal box, triangular box, and as far as the shapes go. Apart from these, there are several unique styles of boxes that are ready to be customized by you for your brand. Some of the common styles are mentioned below but it is not limited to just these styles, you can customize any style that you desire in any shape that you believe will suit best for your product.

Reverse Tuck Style: this is one of the most common styles in the retail industry. This carton has a reverse tuck feature where it tucks from back to front at the top and front to back at the bottom.
Sleeve Slider Style: this carton is made up of two parts of cardboard where one slides out of another just like a drawer does from a table.
• Pillow Style: these packs are in the shape of pillows and are mostly made in a smaller size to adore the true style. These are the best set for candies, chocolates, treats, and goody bags.
Full Overlap Style: this has a full overlap feature through the two extended sides of cardboard that overlap on one another, it provides added security through closure.
Packing Wallet: this pack is relatively flat as the product is placed in the middle of this pack and it is wrapped around it to secure it. This is best suited to package products with less width.
Box and Lid: this carton consists of two parts a box and a lid, these parts are not joined, and the lid is placed over the box.
Middle Hinged Style: this pack has a low width and two parts where both parts are connected from opposite sides, one side folds over the other through the side joint and makes a pack similar to a pizza box.

3- Handles and Windows

When we talk about uniqueness and creativity, we must expand our horizons beyond imagination and embrace. Something different from our competitors, something better. Here are some options of some features which when added to your packaging will give a unique and appealing look. Moreover, both these features are ideal to gain the attention of your customers. By offering them a unique feature along with comfort and an element of trust.


These handles are made up of cardboard, they are either an extension of the carton or are attached to the carton. These handles are mostly on the top but can be on the side as well. This helps make carrying convenient and gives the box a unique style. Along with providing customers with a feature that adds to their comfort. These handles can also be of ribbons to give the box a themed look. Which will be designed according to the product it is storing.


These windows are mostly made of transparent plastic sheets. These are attached to the top of the carton but can also be attached to the side. These windows can be made of various shapes such as oval, rectangular, circular, square, triangular, etc. As these windows are transparent, they help customers to view the product through the packaging beforehand. This helps customers trust the brand and their product. For its quality and you are seen to offer transparency to your customers.

4- Foils and Scents

To further customize your packaging to make it distinctive from others. You can make use of the process of foiling which also includes aqueous foiling. Cartons can also be laminated or prepped with gloss or matte sheets. Moreover, another new and Make your Custom Packaging Unique and Attractive strategy is to use scent in your packaging. Make your Custom Packaging Unique and Attractive by using Custom Lip Gloss Boxes.

You can attach scented ribbons or marbles in a small pack on the side of the packaging or put it inside the carton. This strategy will be best suited for cosmetics products and accessories.

5- Making Trends

One of the most important aspects of packaging is to make trends, to stay on track with the world. Following the existing trends will help you connect with your customers and set a shop in their life. However, making the trends yourself will give you fame and recognition around the world. This feature will help you shine in the market. As all other brands will then follow the trend started by you.

In this, you can increase public participation by organizing competitions and challenges. Or by asking questions and feedback, or by printing riddles and puzzle on the packaging. These features will help make the audience participate and the experience. Will make it into the trend and bring your brand into the spotlight. Highlight your company details on Food Trays to sell your product and make the brand known in the market.

The Customized Boxes provide you with the opportunity to get high-quality packaging at market competitive rates. Get special add-ons and all the tips you want to make your product outlook fancy and unique. Create the best outlook with stylish printing designs available at The Customized Boxes to become the best in the business.

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