5 Incredibly Useful Custom Rigid Boxes Tips For Small Businesses


Why do small businesses have to face more challenges than large scales businesses? How to cope with high competition?

How using custom rigid boxes can solve major marketing requirements of small businesses? Have answers to all these questions by going through this blog.

Small Business Position In Comparison To Large Business

Economies of scale play an essential role that significantly impacts and differentiates small and large businesses. Other than this, small business has to face the competition that a large-sized company is giving them but with a limited pool of resources.

Large companies have more significant and versatile resources and have their own setup for various operations. Small businesses must rely on outsourcers for specific operations and cannot build their setup like distribution or retailing.

Keeping all about points in mind, small entrepreneurs can still make their business prominent and successful. Using resources on effective marketing strategies can stand out even a small business from countless companies.

Thus, using custom rigid boxes for packaging is a powerful marketing tool that marketers must focus on.

Custom Rigid Boxes: A Powerful Marketing Tool

For small goods to stand out from the competition, attract new customers, and raise brand recognition, it is critical to invest in packaging. Custom packaging for small businesses is often overlooked while making other financial decisions, even though it is essential in today’s market.

Because of the explosive growth of e-commerce, small companies must increasingly rely on the rigid box packaging. Such boxes represent the company’s identity and are consistent with fonts, logos, colors, and other visual elements such as font sizes and colors.

Moreover, custom rigid boxes are easy to print and provide long-lasting, safe, durable products. Small businesses will not have to bear the loss of damaged packaging over the long run.


5 Tips For Using Rigid Box Packaging For Small Scale Businesses

For small businesses, custom packaging can save money and increases profits. Thus, the cost is the main concern of new entrepreneurs, so they have to give up on attractive marketing strategies to save costs.

If you follow some simple yet string actions in your packaging marketing campaign, you can gain greater profits and popularity. Here are some useful tips that help you employ custom rigid boxes for packaging a certain amount of products.

  • Apply Money Saving Tricks With Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Wholesale order is best in saving cost and utilizing the resources optimally. If you order rigid packaging boxes in small quantities, .then you have to pay more. But if you place many orders, you can avail great discount and save cost.

So, for small businesses, making a custom rigid boxes wholesale order is recommended by keeping in mind the overall number of products you will produce within 2 or 3 months.

Additionally, when ordering wholesale boxes, go for Foldable Rigid boxes as they are easy to transfer from one place to another, and it does not consume much space. With lesser space and lightweight, the shipping cost of such boxes is also low.

  • Using Flexographic Printing 

When it comes to producing bespoke custom rigid set up boxes or their labels, flexographic printing is an efficient method of choice. In terms of printing quantities with fewer colors, it’s the most efficient way.

This technique uses a revolving cylinder to hold the flexible printing plates. The packaging material or substrate is passed through it to print the company’s labels. The Flexographic printing process best serves edge-to-edge and flood printing and designs with two or fewer colors.

It has a lower cost per unit than other printing options like offset printing; If a simple embossing logo cannot go well with your brand, then a small businessman can have this option of printing. With flexographic printing, details about the product’s features are easy to display on the outer side of the rigid box.

Other than printing, you can have cheap ways to get an identity of your product. For brand identity, methods like embossing and foil stamping, can appeal more to its final customers. Imprinting a company’s logo on the best custom rigid boxes can have a strong image of a small business.

  • Create A Minimalist Yet Powerful Appearance

Your rigid boxes should look clear and concise to express your message to your customers. Your brand’s integrity will not be sacrificed if you design packing boxes for retail use that are simple to read. Is it vital to grasp the product’s main features, fixative labeling, and graphics?

Small goods have the power to leave an impression on the minds of their purchasers. For converting new customers into old and loyal ones, you need eye-catching packing boxes. Custom rigid boxes are the finest way to entice small-merchandise buyers.

  • Adding Simple And Cost-Effective Extras

Extras like stickers or tissue paper and eye-catching designs on both the outside and inside of the rigid boxes might be added for a low price. Thank You” cards, for example, may help your products stand out and make the customer’s experience with you more memorable.

These basic and low-cost additions to your small company packaging include items like as crinkled paper inserts or stickers. Moreover, not just appearance matters; one must also focus on the safety aspect. Bumping and jolting are likely to cause damage to most items. This may result in substantial financial harm to the company.

As a result, specific inserts like fabric or foam, or soft paper that are reasonable in prices should be added to the boxes. In short, adding all small yet appealing and secure items will give benefits in the long run. The product will remain intact and not fall out of the box due to safety inserts, and the “thank you” card or “special message” card can enhance the first impression of the product greatly.

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  • Using Eco-Friendly Material

Customers are more likely to buy from companies that employ ecologically friendly packaging if the product is well-fitted within the box. Environmentally-friendly packaging is those that are made with little waste and surplus materials.

Rigid packaging made of hard paper or cardboard is very easy to recycle. Make arrangements for implementing the production of biodegradable packaging. Eco-friendly rigid packaging boxes are preferred by consumers because they support a worthwhile cause.

So, go for the best custom rigid boxes to save the environment, and this step will be the cause of building goodwill for a new business. Once the goodwill is there, an entrepreneur can compete with other larger companies without any obstacle.

All the above-mentioned tips are for every kind of business. Whether it is related to perfumes, gifts, watches, or dresses, any small-sized business entity can apply these things to save cost and boost its marketing efforts.

Custom retail packaging is a great way to showcase your unique products and to increase the sale and profit margin of even a small-sized business. Custom rigid set up boxes may help you build the identity of your small business while making it easier for customers to buy your items. The Customized boxes have a wide collection of custom rigid boxes that can be suitable options for packaging.

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